ULAC Security

 Neo Lock Standard

ULAC’s ATS (Anti-Theft Security) assessment method was developed around international industry standards and real-world situations to guarantee the quality of its wide selection of security products. An ATS rating of 1 representing minimum resistance to attack by lock-picking or circumvention and 7 representing the highest standard of protection available from ULAC. The ATS rating advises the customer to select a lock depending on intended usage, parking environment, time away from their bicycle and its value.

ULAC manufactures different types of locks including cable, karabiner, joint, folding, chain locks, U-locks and alarm locks, each with its own characteristics and inherent security level. The steel fibrous core of our 6mm braided cables frustrates would-be thieves, while shackle locks offer a higher degree of inherent cutting resistance.

 Testing Methodology

As a guide to purchase decision-making, the goal of ULAC’s testing methodology is to assess each lock’s resistance to attack as objectively as possible. The seven ATS levels are defined by factors such as resistance to tools commonly used in lock-picking and destruction, as well as time required to pick, disassemble or destroy the lock, cable, chain, and other components.

 Standardized Bicycle LOCK Test 

Test Description Equipment Result
Repetitive Unlock + Lock cylinder test Actual hand operation Minimal 3000 times
Tensile index Industry standard tensile testing machine Varies by locks
Cylinder Impact 20 lbs. hammer Continuous attack for 3 minutes
Cutting Resistant Stanley handsaw Continuous sawing for 2 minutes
Cylinder Anti-Drilling Electric drill Anti-drilling
Key thrust Thrust meter N / A
Key cap torque torque force meter KGF/cm

 Neo Alarm Lock Test

Test Description Equipment Result
Water-resistant Water-resistant test box Minimal 8 hours
Vibration Vibration test platform Minimal 5 hours

 Standardized Bicycle LIGHT Test 

Test Description Equipment Result
Lumen Lumen meter Accurate LM index
LUX LUX meter Accurate LX reading
Candela Candela test lab Accurate candela reading
Power switch Switching test machine 8000 times on / off
Water-resistant Water-resistant test box Minimal 8 hours
Vibration Vibration test platform Minimal 5 hours


  • Hardened 6mm cable around a steel core
  • Available in 4-digit combination locks or ULAC dimple key
  • Versatile mounting


  • Allux aluminum alloy
  • Heat-treated hardened steel 
  • Dual locking mechanism
  • Abloy and dimple key locks available


  • Cutting sensor
  • Shock sensor
  • 110 dB alarm buzzer