We began by asking a simple question “How can we redefine a bike lock for the urban nomads?” How could we offer a lock that would grant their approval while they are navigating through the urban chaos?

The answer to that was the Si Works Collection which we designed with bike emissaries from one of the fashion capitals, Tokyo, Japan. This design became one of the iconic bike locks because it finally provided a lock meeting the weight requirement without sacrificing the safety parameters.


With all the bulky and heavy models existing, we discovered that kids didn’t have the right product in their hands. That is why ULAC was the first to design the SI Memory Cable in partnership with Giant Bicycles, Taiwan, to provide children with a more flexible and convenient design.

 TECHNOLOGY x UTILITY/ World First Fingerprint U Lock

The TRON-XD is the world’s first fingerprint shackle lock, eliminating the need for keys and combinations. TRON-XD combines smart biometric fingerprint recognition technology and the durability of a silicon overmolding.