ulac profile

Since its founding in Taiwan in 1982, ULAC has promoted consumer safety and security through the manufacture of secure and fashionable bicycle locks and lights. With a sense for aesthetics and security, ULAC continues to strive to develop products which satisfy the needs and taste of the discerning cyclist.

ULAC’s own manufacturing facility in Asia and emphasis on high quality production promises products that are reliable and user friendly with a long lifespan.

Cult Classic

The ULAC cyclist believes in riding as a way of life, and we do too. That’s why ULAC has been setting trends in bike accessory fashion for 30 years with one thing in mind: the discerning urban cyclist.

Neo Lock

In 2014, ULAC challenged the idea that “safe” must mean “bulky” and “heavy.” Neo Locks by ULAC are lightweight and easy to carry for strength that won’t slow you down on the road.


1982 ULAC born in Taiwan
1985 Steel braided cable locks enter mass production
1988 SafeGuardTM card locks
1991 Alarm-fitted cable locks
1996 First sponsorships
2000 Collaborations with European, Japanese and North American brands
2002 The idea of Lock as a Lifestyle is born
2005 AlluxTM technology shackle locks become an industry first
2010 Brooklyn: the first complete silicon overmoulded U-lock
2014 Neo Lock expands worldwide


The Neo Lock is a riding companion for the Neo Lifestyle, as colorful and self-assured as the fearless urban roadies who know riding is about more than just getting from here to there.